Creating your Home Sweet Home with George G Couri Creativity

When the word home comes immediately the picture that comes to our mind is a place where you can be yourself. In this busy speedy world after working for long hours we yearn to reach Home to relax, to forget all the day’s stress. House becomes a home when there are peace and a subtle sense of belonging.

We do many things and almost pour out our entire creativity in making our home beautiful. We use different colors, patterns on walls, use different furniture, etc. We decorate it with such beauty that it actually portraits ourselves.

If the house or rather your home is decorated beautifully with vibrant walls paintings, lights, etc. but if the flooring of the house is rough and patchy and does not match the designing of your other decorations, all the efforts of your decorating the home goes in vain. There are many options available to decorate your home some are listed below:

1. Different kinds of Area Rugs like handmade, for indoor/outdoor, power loomed. This you can custom according to your wish by using a different kind of fabrics and designs. Rugs Compliment the furniture so well and enhance their beauty.

2. Different kinds of Carpet with different designs and patterns. As the rugs compliment the furniture the carpet enhance the beauty of the room.

3. Different types of Roll runners & Special shapes to decorate different nook and corner of your home.

Use of such beautiful flooring makes your home very vibrant. These days many different kinds of rugs, carpets and roll runners are available. It is very interesting to know that this trend came into the market around the early 1920s, at that point in time there were very few companies. There are a few pioneers in this business who with their vision took this business to great heights. One of the Pioneers is Mr. George G Couri who along with his brother started this business. He is considered as Style Icon in rugs, carpets, and custom flooring; he was not only known as a style icon but was also known for his quality and creative vision. He had started his business along with his brother and took their company on great heights.