How Much Kitchen Storage Do You Need? Here Are Some Things To Consider

The kitchen, like how they say, is the heart of the home. And as such, many things — ranging from utensils to cabinets to cooking equipment — are being stored in this particular area. It also houses the pantry and the fridge.

Planning to renovate your kitchen? If you’re working with one of the most experienced kitchen remodeling companies, one of the things they would ask is how much kitcremodellinge would you need.

But how do you decide about this vital matter? Let us help you through this quick and comprehensive read.

Household members

The size of your household is directly proportional to the size of the kitchen storage you need.

Generally speaking, if you have many family members (say, five), you’d need to invest in bigger kitchen equipment. For instance, you’d need a larger refrigerator (about 25 cubic feet and up) for a family of five. For pantries and food cabinet, may interior design experts advise allocating 14-18 cubic feet per family member.


Are you the sort of family who highly values tradition like eating dinner together? If yes, you’d need to come up with a kitchen design that optimally uses storage and space.

When designing or remodeling your dream kitchen, always factor in your family’s lifestyle. If foot traffic is high in this area, make sure that everything is organized and stored appropriately to guarantee everyday efficiency.


Renovating your kitchen is one important home improvement project. To come up with the best kitchen storage, don’t forget to take into account the kitchen stuff you already have. Categorize and store them according to functionality and frequency of use. Declutter and get rid of unnecessary items (e.g. Donate excess kitchenware).

When purchasing new gears and equipment, it’s vital to balance out needs and wants. Think twice first before buying anything — especially those that take up too much space.

Organization system

Ask kitchen remodeling companies and you’d discover that there are actually quite a number of kitchen storage hacks that can be done. For example, investing in a customized drawer space can save you plenty of storage. A hanging cabinet is also helpful in maximizing vertical space. Just make sure that before you adopt an organization system, you’ve calculated beforehand if your kitchen can accommodate your visions.


Last and definitely not the least, consider the budget that you have. Even if you have stellar kitchen storage ideas, they won’t be turned into reality if you don’t have the financial resources. As a rule, always look for what’s functional and economical.

Getting Help From a Kitchen Consultant

To successfully assess the functionality of your kitchen, getting professional help is a must. Talk with one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in the area and ask about a recommended kitchen consultant. This person will be crucial in testing the layout of your kitchen space — Are the equipment properly laid out? Is kitchen storage maximized?

Invest in this consultant’s professional fees and gain a wide range of benefits. Apart from doing the layout test drive, he or she can also help in estimating costs and creating mock-ups.

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