Make an Ideal Space Along With Natural Light and Easy Loft Conversions

If you wish to add space to your house and need an idea for the same, loft conversions ideas are great. While doing this, it is equally important to concentrate on the design, effective storage and also the privacy should be maintained. Your space and rooms will decide the new ways to create different storage options. Making use of natural as well as artificial lighting is also important.

Every decision to be taken is equally important. With further mentioned tips and ideas, you can finalize the finer details for a loft conversion. Also, notice soundproof floors and insulation for energy. Plan the conversions in a way that space develops for more use or only for luxury. Adding extra storage is easier these days since design rules have recently changed and key planning is wise.

Here are a few ideas to make the excellent use of floor space and also retain maximum sunlight.

  • Make room for stairs

This is a key consideration while designing loft conversions. Sacrifice little space for stairs. New flight can be above the main flight of staircase and spiral staircase is also a good choice.

  • Decorate effectively

Paint sloping walls with the same color as the ceiling. Pale shades will enhance the lights.

  • Retain privacy

VELUX windows with sliding blinds give a neat look. For Dormer windows use plantation shutters or blinds. Roof lanterns will not require blinds since privacy is not a concern.

  • Create storage options

Eaves space can be used for cupboards. Unusual space and niches can also be used for storage. Best alternates for maximum space utilization are bespoke units and shelves.

  • Use lighting

Use lights for best effects. Different options are available for different spaces. Use lighting as per space, focus, spots, and colors of décor.

  • Make space multifunctional

Use flexible and movable furniture so that space use is multifunctional.

  • Soundproof the floors

Avoid wooden flooring to avoid problems. Use insulation for new flooring and sound -deadening materials.

  • Bring in sunlight

Include maximum windows for daylight especially double glazed windows.

  • Add extra bathroom

An attic is ideal for master bedroom whereas you can also squeeze in changing into the dressing room.

  • Board ceiling with wood

Create a new elegant design for ceiling using wood. Soft boards are an economical choice.