Trends are nothing but fresh repetitions of oldies! This is also proven with tile trends in 2019 as we are again witnessing the evolution of patterned tiles. Maybe due to the prominence and focus on artistry and craftsmanship. Below mentioned are some major tile trends that will be a storm in 2019.

1. Honeycomb Tiles:

Honeycomb is the design that will take us by a storm in 2019. Tile designers are getting geometrical and are experimenting with these hexagonal tiles for flooring as well as walls. These structural patterns create a lovely maze reflecting a great vision.

2. Colour Patterns:

Painted patterns are in vogue these days. Designers not only create intricate designs but also captivate the eyes with their colour upon first glance.

3. Espresso Tones:

Although colours will be trending this year for certain, at the same breath shades of chocolate brown, coffee — are a good option for those like a more unbiased palette. Floor tiles with a deep brown also adds dimension to your home. You may try with some matte finishes to compete with a glossy look.

4. Long, Narrow Subway Tile:

If typical tile shapes are in vogue this year then the long narrow classic subway tiles can appear in the bathrooms to give them a sleeker appearance.

5. Fish Scale Tile:

This trend emerged in 2016, but it has been able to hold strong and is again gaining prominence even in 2019. Fish scale tiles gives a very softer look and also adds on to the dimension of your area. Those who want to avoid the boxy look can always try out this one.

6. Vertical Tile:

Once you are tired of horizontal tile, the only place to go is — up! Vertical tiles can be a good option for an unimaginable, modern aesthetic that will visually expand your room.

7. Chameleon Tile:

Multidimensional tiles boast of a dynamic finish, and will be a great trend in 2019. Thick obscure mirror or smoke-tinted tiles, where the stress is on the design of the surface gives a very dynamic appeal. It has the ability to act as a chameleon. It gives a dull lustre during day-time and gives a seductive feel during the evening or when the lights are low.

8. Large-Scale Marble:

There is nothing new about having marble backsplashes within our kitchens; despite that there has been an increase in homes where large-scale marbles are displayed in all its grandiosity. You can also choose marble look tiles in the bathroom floor or walls to give it an elegant look.

9. Formica on a curated capsule collection:

Formica is back; its ‘easy-to-clean’ characteristics was its hallmark both within private households and public spaces. The new Formica is designed with more aestheticism and looks much more gorgeous than ever before. It is affordable and more robust than before, overall adding to its value.

So now you needn’t worry about your interior, just select from any of these styles and you are a hit!