Car Locksmith Saves Cat from Locked Cabinet

It was the middle of the middle of the night when Amy was awakened by the sound of frantic meowing from somewhere in the house. She searched the house for the source of the noise, looking in every room and under every piece of furniture. It wasn’t until she reached the garage that she found the location of the racket.  Scratching seemed to be coming from the inside of one of the tool cabinets under the work station in the garage. Amy was thrown out of her fog from the sudden awakening when she realized her cat Mittens was stuck in the cabinet. She rushed over to the cabinet to pull the door open, only to find the door was locked closed. Amy yanked on the cabinet over and over until she fell over from exhaustion. It was cold winter night, and Amy couldn’t just leave her cat in this locked cabinet until morning. She checked her phone to see that is was 3:48 a.m. What place would be open at this time? Amy started searching online hoping to find any locksmith to open the cabinet without completely destroying it. Amy loved her cat but didn’t want her cabinets ripped to bits just to get inside.

She finally found a 24 hour car locksmith service and called immediately. The man who answered the phone sounded tired and confused as she told him the situation with her cat. After some hesitation, the guy agreed to send over one of his men to help out. A lock was a lock after all. Amy patiently waited in the garage and tried to calm her still a frantic cat in any way she could. Mittens were getting tired of scratching and sure was tired of being in the cabinet. A knock at the front door brought joy and excitement to Amy’s heart as she ran to open it. A gruff and tired looking man entered and introduced himself as Steph. Amy quickly introduced herself as well and led the man into the cold garage where Mittens was trapped.

At the sound of people entering the garage, Mittens started her meowing and scratching up again, this time with a new burst of energy. Steph got down on the hard concrete floor and looked at the small keyhole on the cabinet. “Oh I’ve got this no problem,” Steph said to Amy, getting his tools out. He jammed a small tool into the hole on the cabinet, and with a loud click, the cabinet came flying open. Mittens flew out of the cabinet onto Steph with such ferocity that he fell backward. Both Amy and Steph began to laugh. Mittens started prancing around the room with joy due to her new found freedom.

Amy thanked Steph and led him out the door. She locked the door behind him, and a sigh of exhaustion came out as she did so. She dragged herself back to bed, and as she was falling asleep, she felt Mittens curl up next to her and begin to purr.